Brand Philosophy of Responsibly Crafted

Will fashion ever be sustainable? Likely not. By nature, fashion, consumption and sustainability will always be somewhat contradictory. But we can change the way we produce and consume fashion.

We owe it to ourselves. To you. To the planet.

Responsibly Crafted is a brand philosophy. Shaping our entire business in a constant effort to make fashion more sustainable. From the way we design and manufacture our clothes to how we work with suppliers. Sustainability is a part of our DNA.

We know that the road is long and challenging. There are no shortcuts. No quick fixes. Big ambitions require big efforts. And we cannot do it alone.

Your choices matter. It is our responsibility to help you make those choices. To make sure that you never feel guilty for caring about fashion. To prove that fashionable clothes can also be crafted responsibly. To keep learning, trying, changing, improving.

Every day, we try to do better.